You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.

- Cecil Baxter -

“Fabulous place, Dublin is. The trouble is, you work hard and in Dublin you play hard as well.”

Bonnie Tyler

Best of 4 Month in Dublin

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

—Bob Dylan

Arnott Street - New Home

Named after Sir John Arnott who developed the area with James Lombard

Trip to Howth - By the Sea

Trip to Howth - Up the Hills

Trip to Howth - The Team

1 Month at Google

A new country and a new job with …

  • amazing people
  • a steep learning curve
  • great food
  • new insights
  • plenty of ideas and possibilities

… and now ready to have some impact.

Cola at Google

Music Within

Music Within

Weather Dublin
Current Conditions: Broken Clouds
Current Temperature: 17°C 

Weather Dublin

Current Conditions: Broken Clouds

Current Temperature: 17°C 

Housworming 3 & 4

Thx to Håvard, Torje and Christophe

Week two - I’m a Googler

My experience so far:

  • It barely rains in Dublin (no joke)
  • I’m a big fan of Google’s merchandising
  • Google’s food is really, really amazing (sorry Wolfi)
  • There is a sport similar to nordic walking but with surfboards and puddles - ridiculous
  • My email inbox: One new message from Larry Page
  • Jogging by the sea - love it

“I go off into Dublin and two days later I’m spotted walking by the Liffey with a whole bunch of new friends.”

—Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones)

Housewarming Party Nr.2 - Thx to Tom and Johann


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